James Liter, M.A., Ph.D.(c)
Nature Based Archetypal Facilitator and Ecotherapist
Grand Rapids, Michigan (contact form below)
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Hilltending is a nature-based approach to archetypal facilitation for proactive development and wholeness. It is also a form of ecotherapy in response to psychospiritual and/or physiological symptoms. Hilltending nurtures embodied psychospiritual development, harmony, and overall wellness for the human and nature.

Nature and Psyche. Root and Leaf.

Whether as a proactive practice, ecotherapy, or ecosomatics, my passion is to help you nurture archetypal wholeness and wellness in and with the natural world.


Hilltending is not about forcing some predetermined concept about what is right or normal; it is about discovering what is authentic and healthy for you in your relationship to psyche (soul) and the natural world. We begin working where you are, and follow soul and nature deeper into the dance. There are no set methods or practices - together, we determine what resonates the most with you and work from there.


Tending Soul in the Natural World

In my work with others, I am passionate about guiding into Hilltending methods and facilitating archetypal processes in the natural world. I have worked with others around the world – from the Kerry National Forest in Ireland to the wooded hills of Germany to the wetlands and meadows of West Michigan – and have guided and been witness to many numinous experiences of ecotherapeutic restoration, including my own.

Relationship to the natural world is inherent to being human, and yet is one of the most confusing aspects of a modernity that has grown distant from soul and nature. This separation has become destructive, leading to many forms of psychological and physical dis-ease so common in modernity. Recent studies clearly show that ecotherapy is powerful in addressing many of these symptoms, and actively engaging our relationship to the natural world is being recognized as an essential foundation to overall health and wellness for us and for the earth.

The Hilltending framework I have developed is a result of my  experiences of ecotherapeutic healing coupled with my Jungian and Archetypal studies and doctoral research at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Hilltending strives to offer a means to not only respond to the many human and earth symptoms of the separation from nature, but also to proactively (re)inhabit and tend our relationship to soul in and of the natural world.

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